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I VG Purple Slush - 50ml

I VG - Purple Slush (50ml)

A slushie with a twist! A dark fruit blend with bitter grapes, notes of bubblegum and lime, with an ice finish.
I VG Cherry Menthol - 50ml

I VG - Cherry Menthol (50ml)

The refreshing taste of fruity cherries with a huge blast of menthol. Similar to a well known cough sweet.
I VG Blueberg Burst - 50ml

I VG - Blueberg Burst (50ml)

Blueberg has a fruity undertone followed by a crystal cool sensation that makes the perfect all day vape.
I VG Blackberg - 50ml

I VG - Blackberg (50ml)

Winter is coming! A delicious and fruity mix of blackcurrant and blueberries with a crystal cool sensation.
I VG Rainbow Blast - 50ml

I VG - Rainbow Blast (50ml)

Inspired from skittles sweets, it will give you the amazing taste of mixed fruit sweets.
I VG Jam Roly Poly - 50ml

I VG - Jam Roly Poly (50ml)

There are few things more inviting than all that stodgy suet pastry with jam oozing out of the sides.
I VG Raspberry Stix - 50ml

I VG - Raspberry Stix (50ml)

Treat yourself to those sugary fruity sticks of pure goodness with raspberry stix. Be warned, they are addictive!
I VG Silver - 50ml

I VG - Silver (50ml)

The perfect blend of natural smokey tobacco with a sweet aftertaste of caramel and honey.
I VG Lemon Custard

I VG - Lemon Custard (50ml)

Smooth and buttery custard complimented with zesty lemon and a creamy touch of vanilla.