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ELDA Tropical Island - 100ml

ELDA - Tropical Island (100ml)

Sweet strawberries and watermelon mixed with sour kiwi, a tropical flavour explosion of dimensions!
ELDA Milk Shake - 100ml

ELDA - Milk Shake (100ml)

Delicious sweet strawberries mixed with creamy milk, the taste from your childhood you never could let go.
ELDA Juicy -100ml

ELDA - Juicy (100ml)

A complex mix of papaya, cantaloupe melon, orange and strawberries with a bit of cooling. The cooling makes every sweet note from the fruits hit your taste...
ELDA Cola - 100ml

ELDA - Cola (100ml)

Do you love Cola? If you do, you will probably not be able to get enough of this liquid, it will for sure be your new all day vape.
ELDA Granny's Strudel - 100ml

ELDA - Granny's Strudel (100ml)

Sweet and sour apples baked with a delicious and full-bodied pie dough! Just like the apple-pie you would get from Grandma!
ELDA Banana Puding - 100ml

ELDA - Banana Puding (100ml)

Creamy banana perfectly balanced with vanilla, if you like banana and vanilla you will love this liquid!