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ELDA Tropical Island - 100ml

ELDA - Tropical Island (100ml)

Sweet strawberries and watermelon mixed with sour kiwi, a tropical flavour explosion of dimensions!
ELDA Milk Shake - 100ml

ELDA - Milk Shake (100ml)

Delicious sweet strawberries mixed with creamy milk, the taste from your childhood you never could let go.
ELDA Granny's Strudel - 100ml

ELDA - Granny's Strudel (100ml)

Sweet and sour apples baked with a delicious and full-bodied pie dough! Just like the apple-pie you would get from Grandma!
ELDA Banana Puding - 100ml

ELDA - Banana Puding (100ml)

Creamy banana perfectly balanced with vanilla, if you like banana and vanilla you will love this liquid!