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Premium Concentrates - Trendy Tea - 100ml

Crafted Flavour - Trendy Tea (100ml)

Trendy Tea is a mint and green mint tea flavour with notes of apricot and a wide collection of hand-picked forest fruits. Topped off with a hint of blueberries.
Premium Concentrates - Land Of The Free - 100ml

Crafted Flavour - Land Of The Free...

Land Of The Free has a flavour profile that embraces fresh milk, sweet honey, caramel drizzle and vanilla marshmallows in to one.
Premium Concentrates - Stake Out - 100ml

Crafted Flavour - Stake Out (100ml)

When the cops are on the stake out, there is a very simple type of food they absolutely must have ... Donuts! This taste of donuts with caramel ice cream and...
Bull´s Eye Series Rhubarb Muffin

Crafted Liquid - Rhubarb Muffin (40ml)

Delicious warm and spongy rhubarb muffin with fresh sliced strawberries on the side and of course alot of irresistible creamy vanilla topping on top.
Bull´s Eye Series Banana Mango Pie

Crafted Liquid - Banana Mango Pie (40ml)

Soft and creamy homemade banana pie baked to perfection with alot of love. Perfectly counter ballanced with our new and unique cold mango frosting.
Bull´s Eye Series Tobacco Custard

Crafted Liquid - Tobacco Custard (40ml)

Rounded tobacco crafted using a variety of hand picked tobacco sorts from all over the world. Combined with our newly developed very complex and luxurious...
Prestige Series Strawberry Cream Cake

Crafted Liquid - Strawberry Cream...

Strawberry cream cake is live up to its name! Fresh and juicy strawberries complimented with a silky smooth vanilla cream and sweet baked cake crust.