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Big Era Aroma Archimedes - 10ml

Big Era Flavour - Archimedes (10ml)

Did you find what you were looking for?Delicate chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, roasted peanuts a dash of honey with caramel and a hint of tobacco!...
Big Era Aroma Aristotle - 10ml

Big Era Flavour - Aristotle (10ml)

There is no great genius without a dash of insanity.Our craziness consists of a coconut, ground nuts and homemade caramel together if it makes a stroke of...
Big Era Aroma Bonnie and Clyde - 10ml

Big Era Flavour - Bonnie and Clyde...

On their foray you collected tropical fruits and packed them in a fresh bottle of coke. A mix of passion fruit, mango and a splash of coke.
Big Era Aroma Hippocrates - 10ml

Big Era Flavour - Hippocrates (10ml)

Hippocrates of Kos (460 - ca. 377 BC)The preservation of health is based on equality of power. Health, on the other hand, is based on a balanced mix of...
Big Era Fresh Blueberry on Ice - 50ml

Big Era Fresh - Blueberry on Ice (50ml)

This liquid also captivates by the delicious tasting of our chef. Delicious blueberries made from the most dangerous ingredients of the earth are refined...